Monday, September 23, 2019

Three More Burners Coming Up!

Gosh, is it fall already?!  While we're sad to see summer go, fall has a few new releases hitting the streets and we're psyched about that!  On 10/24/19, Denver death rock champs Weathered Statues will release the "Desolation" EP on cassette/digital.  You can pre-order the cassette HERE and check out a track on our bandcamp sampler.  Weathered Statues features SLN alumni Jason Heller (25 Rifles, The Half Hearts), Bryan Flanagan (25 Rifles) plus longtime Denver heavy hitters Jennie Mather and Justin Lent.  "Desolation" features a suite of tuneful songs that manage to capture a stark bleakness while offering a rich palette of sounds and melodies.  That's impressive!  12/6/19 will see a pair of albums drop from Colorado Springs' premier feminist punk band Cheap Perfume.  Stephanie, Willow, Geoff and Dave have been blowing the roof off of clubs and warehouses across Colorado's front range since 2015 and we couldn't be more pumped to help spread their powerful songs and progressive messages.  Part one of the double header release date is a remastered reissue of their 2016 debut album, "Nailed It" on LP/digital.  It also features updated cover art.  Part two is their brand new album, "Burn It Down" on LP/digital.  While "Nailed It" is a modern Colorado punk classic, "Burn It Down" shows a huge leap forward for the band in both songwriting and performance.  The music blasts with a tighter focus while the lyrics and vocal deliveries are even more impassioned and poignant, making for energetic, anthemic and inspiring repeat listens.  The band is playing a series of release shows in November and show-goers will have a chance to pick up both records early before the official 12/6 street date.  More info on shows and release show goodies to come!
The Staff