Monday, March 30, 2020

Our "Snappy Little Sampler" Is Now Benefiting Wax Trax Records!

The "Snappy Little Sampler" has always been a rotating donation-based bandcamp compilation showcasing SLN artists with recent releases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it will continue to be donation-based, with all proceeds benefiting Denver's one and only Wax Trax Records. You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE. Thanks for helping if you're able to. More info below!
The Staff

Snappy Little Numbers
"Snappy Little Sampler"

Wax Trax Records ( is an independently owned record shop in Denver, CO. It also happens to be my favorite record store in the world. While I love many record shops (especially Denver shops), I've been a consistent Wax Trax customer since 1994. It was THEE place to go for underground and DIY music when I was a teenager and I will never forget the feeling of discovering so much about music and life within those walls. They've been supportive of not just my labels and bands over the years, but anyone else's that have come to them with records and ideas that offered various contributions to Colorado's front range independent musical community. The musical landscape is ever-changing and through it all, Wax Trax is still here and as vital as ever. This is a little something we can do to help our friends at the shop get by while their doors are shut. If you'd like to help us help them, please do so. Please also be sure to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Support all the other folks that you're able to in this time of need too. Thanks so much and be well!  

Chuck Coffey

Friday, March 27, 2020

ZEPHR Launches Benefit Track For Bowman's Vinyl And Lounge!

ZEPHR has just released an early new single called 'Please Send Help' from their forthcoming new album "Don't Worry About It" as a benefit track to help their buddies at Bowman's Vinyl and Lounge get through these rough times.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE or from ZEPHR's bandcamp HERE.  Thanks so much for helping if you can.  Full info via ZEPHR is below!

The Staff

"Please Send Help"

"Please Send Help" is the first single from the upcoming full length,"Don't Worry About It". It is a donation-based track with proceeds benefiting Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge in Denver, CO (

All proceeds from the purchase of this song will benefit the fine folks at Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge. Pay what you like, but please know that what you do pay is going to help hard working, good folks who could use our help during these uncertain times.

Hang in there everybody. We’ll get through this. We love you.

Expect more music from us soon,


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers Raising Funds For Hi-Dive And Mutiny Information Cafe!

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers are donating proceeds raised from all of their merchandise/record/digital sales to two of Denver's finest South Broadway establishments, the Hi-Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe.  We support their decision!  Below is a statement from the band on how/why they're doing this and links if you'd like to grab stuff and are able to lend your support.  Thanks!
The Staff

Hey friends. Our hearts go out to all those that are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, whether in hospitals or grocery stores or wherever else people are forced to leave their houses to work right now. We’re also very concerned about all the small businesses that are feeling severe near-term and long-term effects of the shutdown. It’s important that when we get through this, we have independent, locally owned small businesses to return to. Denver has been under siege from developers for years – and the COVID-19 pandemic is very seriously threatening to accelerate the process, likely irreversibly. That’s why we’re indefinitely donating all our merch proceeds to two South Broadway scene stalwarts: Hi-Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe.

There are a ton of small businesses we love and are concerned about. We chose these two because they have not only always been huge supporters of our band, but are so important to so many people in our overall community. Our donations retroactively apply to everyone who already bought merch over the previous weeks. We will continue donating proceeds until businesses reopen.

We've updated our web store to include a ton of newer stuff. We'll include hand-written thank you notes, as we always do, and do our best to fulfill any other specific requests.  Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings, the label that issued "Between The Outfield And Outer Space", will also be earmarking BTOAOS physical/digital revenue generated through their commerce locations to go to Hi-Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe for the duration of our campaign as well.
We understand there are a million charities, causes, businesses and people in need of your support right now. We thank everyone who has made an effort to help someone in need. If you feel moved to support the places we’ve chose to support, we are humbled to help you do so.

Keep your head up. Even in this Brave New World Series, the game is far from over.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

State Drugs Launches Benefit Track For The Metro Gallery!

State Drugs has just made a song from their "666, Blah, Blah, Blah" digital EP a benefit track to help their buddies at The Metro Gallery get through these tough times.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE or from State Drugs' bandcamp HERE.  Thanks so much for helping if you can.  Full info via State Drugs is below!
The Staff

State Drugs
"Night Windows"

"Night Windows" is a cover song (The Weakerthans) from the State Drugs "666, Blah, Blah, Blah" digital EP. It is a donation-based track with proceeds benefiting The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD (

The Metro Gallery is jewel among a few diamonds-in-the-rough businesses on North Charles Street in Baltimore. A few of my closest and coolest friends work there and the venue has been keeping the Baltimore Scene steadily afloat in light of the city losing a few mainstay DIY venues over the last 5 years. Proceeds from this track through May 10, 2020 will benefit The Metro Gallery and their staff.

Chris Kuhn
State Drugs

Dinged Up Street Date Postponed, Web Store Orders Shipping Now + OXFAM Donations!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the street date of Dinged Up's "Mucho Dolor" LP has been postponed. But! Web Store orders are now being fulfilled with 20% of the proceeds being donated to OXFAM ( through May 10, 2020 to assist the work they're doing during this time. If you'd like to support a great band and great charity and have the means to do so, wonderful.  If your finances are needed elsewhere etc., please take care of what needs taking care of.  Be safe and be well.  Thaaanks!
The Staff

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

SPELLS Launches Benefit Track For The Hi-Dive!

SPELLS has just made a song from their latest album a benefit track to help our buddies at the Hi-Dive get through the next 8 weeks while their doors are shut.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE or from SPELLS' bandcamp HERE.  Thanks so much for helping if you can.  Full info via SPELLS is below!
The Staff

"Nose Dive" is a track from the SPELLS "Stimulants & Sedatives" SLN-177/RGF105 album. It is a donation-based track with proceeds benefiting Denver's very own Hi-Dive (

The Hi-Dive is an independent bar and venue in Denver, CO. It's owned by and run by longtime Denver music people and we love to hang out there, see shows there and play shows there. Our song "Nose Dive" is an ode to what is essentially a home field for us and many other counter-culture type folks in and around Denver. With all of the quarantine guidelines in effect around the world during the Coronavirus pandemic, we've chosen to single out "Nose Dive" as a donation-based benefit track, with all proceeds going to the Hi-Dive and their staff while their doors are shut for the next 8 weeks (through May 10, 2020). This is a little something we can do to help our friends get by. If you'd like to help us help them, please do. Please also be sure to take care of yourselves and support all the other folks that you're able to in this time of need. Thanks much and be well!

Ben Roy
Chuck Coffey
Don Bersell
Rob Burleson
Lauren Shugrue


We Hope Everyone Is Safe And Well!

These are difficult times folks and we hope everyone is safe and well.  We just want to let y'all know that team SLNQAR is doing fine at HQ.  We're doing what we can to help out others in need while being mindful to take care of ourselves.  Over the coming weeks our artists will be trying to do creative things that will also help those in need.  We 100% support these efforts and will assist however we can.  We want to let our artists decide how they can help if they can, or how they themselves can get help if they need it.  First and foremost dear readers, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.  Next, if you're able to, help your community or causes you care about.  We will continue to operate from our humble base and see what kind of fun stuff we can create and participate in that will also benefit others during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will be looking for ways to benefit others as we do this.  Please reach out and keep in touch if you have any ideas on how we can all help each other!  Be safe and be well.  Thank you immensely, friends and fans!
The Staff

Monday, March 2, 2020

Welcome Dinged Up To The SLN Stable Of Stars! "Mucho Dolor" LP Due Out 3/20/20! Pre-Order Now!

Joe Rankin and Dinged Up have been churning out earworms all across Maryland and the East Coast since 2013.  "Mucho Dolor" is Dinged Up's sophomore LP with all instrumentation and vocals recorded by Joe himself.  It was originally released digitally in 2016, but it's now properly seeing a physical reissue on LP thanks to a collaboration with Wallride Records. Joe had put Dinged Up on hold for a bit a couple years back, but reformed the group in 2019 with a solid lineup and they're ready to support "Mucho Dolor" well into the future.  The current crew includes players that have done time or still do time in such heavy hitters such as The Jons, Deep Sleep and Night Birds.  That's just a few examples of the serious pedigrees that comprise Dinged Up!  You can pre-order the LP on translucent red vinyl with hand screened jackets from our Web Store HERE, plus there is a single on our bandcamp sampler to get you up to speed on the brilliance of Dinged Up.  Time to get on board with another stellar combo from out east!
The Staff

Sunday, March 1, 2020

SLN-179, The Redos Of The Double Reissue, Are Now Available!

The cassette version of Pitch & Bark's double reissue, "Two EPs: Nowhere Near Ohio & Father Hoxy", are in stock now!  After a little snafu at the pressing plant, the corrected batch has arrived and they look and sound amazing.  Pressed on sonic yellow cassettes, this tape features reissues of the 2 EPs, one on each side, plus a full digital download is included.  The digital-only versions are split as the 2 separate EPs individually with slightly different cover art, which you might recall were released several days ago on all the digi-streamy places you know and love.  You can order the "Two EPs: Nowhere Near Ohio & Father Hoxy" cassette from our Web Store HERE.  They'll also be distributed by the Recess Ops crew.  Grab a copy now!  Pressing Info: 100 sonic yellow cassette tapes, download code included. Split release with Bernlore Records.