Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Thanks, Well Wishes and Lofty Opinions!

Thanks to all the friends and fans that made the Hooper record release show so fun.  If you missed picking one up at the show they're stocked at Wax Trax (go there first, we love Davey Boyo) and Twist & Shout in Denver.  They'll also start popping up with our distributors when The Manxx record is officially released.  We have new buttons in stock that we'll be throwing in for FREE with any mailorders so don't forget that option!  Well, that wraps up "El Primer A˜`o" as we are calling it over here.  Enjoy all the festivities coming up and we'll get to work on new stuff when January 2012 hits.  In the meantime, we'll leave you with our staff's top music picks from this year.  Adios!
Lookin' Sharp!
The Staff

The Staff’s Top 11 Musical Artifacts Of 2011
11. Castle Face Records “Group Flexi” Flexidisc Comp
10. Black Milk “Brain b/w Royal Mega” 7”
9. Yuck “S/T” LP
8. Wild Flag “S/T” LP
7. Niki & The Dove “The Fox” 12” EP
6. Bare Wires “Cheap Perfume” 10” EP
5. Night Birds “The Other Side Of Darkness” LP
4. Dum Dum Girls “Only In Dreams” LP
3. Heavy Times “Jacker” LP
2. Mikal Cronin “S/T” LP
1. The Steve Adamyk Band “Forever Won’t Wait” LP
Honorable Mention:
Tenement “Napalm Dream” LP
Samiam “Trips” LP
Mannequin Men “S/T” LP
The Kills “Blood Pressures” LP
Telekinesis “12 Desperate Straight Lines” LP
11. Mates Of State “Mountaintops” LP
10. Bon Iver “S/T” LP
9. Broken Bells “Meyrin Fields” 10” EP
8. She & Him “A Very She & Him Christmas” LP
7. Civil Wars “Barton Hollow” Single
6. Maroon 5 “Moves Like Jagger” Single
5. LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” Single
4. Fun. “We Are Young” Single
3. The Decemberists “The King Is Dead” LP
2. Telekinesis “12 Desperate Straight Lines” LP
1. Iron & Wine “Kiss Each Other Clean” LP
Jenn (in alphabetical order):
- Clem Snide “Clem Snide’s Journey”
- Craft Spells “Idle Labor” (Captured Tracks)
- Florence + the Machine “Ceremonials” (Island Records)
- Jolie Holland “Pint of Blood” (ANTI)
- Kurt Vile “Smoke Ring For My Halo” (Matador Records)
- The Morning Clouds “Wasted Youth Blues” EP (Lefse Records)
- The Kills “Blood Pressures” (Domino)
- The Raveonettes “Raven In The Grave” (Vice Records)
- Widowspeak “Widowspeak” (Captured Tracks)
- Wilco “The Whole Love” (dBpm)
- Wye Oak “Civilian” (Merge Records)
The ones I haven’t been intimate enough with, yet, but plan to get snuggly soon:
- Feist “Metals” (Cherry Tree / Interscope)
- Gillian Welch “The Harrow and the Harvest” (Acony Records)
- Lykke Li “Wounded Rhymes” (LL Recordings)
- Washed Out “Within and Without” (Sub Pop)
- Zee Avi “Ghostbird” (Universal Republic)
1.-5. Man Man “Life Fantastic”
6.-11. Mister Heavenly “Out Of Love”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Set Of Choice Cuts!

Our 4th record is already here!  "The Shallows b/w 100 Acre Slingshot" by Hooper navigates on your turntable at 45 RPM on 7" vinyl and comes with a download code, all in our instantly recognizable gold sleeve.  Hooper is a power-trio that likes some pop in their punkish rock 'n' roll.  If it was the 90's they might even be called "College Rock".  But it's not so let's just say the guitar rips, the bass thumps, the drums bang and you can whoa-oh the day away during repeated listens.  The fresh single is ready to ship right this second.  Be sure to catch the release show at our favorite spot, Lost Lake, Friday 12/16/11.  Pogo party!  Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl
The Staff

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Must-See Show For Those In Denver!

Snake Mountain
Attention friends and fans!  This Saturday December 3rd at Lost Lake there is a bittersweet-killer show.  It features Snake Mountain (their final show & Bryce's going away party), Eyes & Ears (their extended holiday vacation sabbatical show) and some very good pals.  Come rock it on out with everyone and party your faces off with the two bands that got this little label off the ground!  
The Staff
Eyes & Ears

Monday, November 21, 2011

Your Turntable Wants This!

The next single is on deck!  "Messin' Around b/w Hard Lessons" by The Manxx spins at 45 RPM on 7" vinyl and comes with a download code, all in our stylish gold sleeve.  The Manxx are rock 'n' roll-garage-poppers that bang out catchy fuzzed out sing-alongs.  Great melodies and keyboard hooks galore.  Two ladies, one gentleman and all rad (go HERE to check out a recent interview with the band in the UCD Advocate for more insight).  The release show has been delayed due to a busted ankle and the records won't be ready to order for a bit.  We have the link active if you wanna pre-pre-order.  We'll be sure to update y'all when the release show has been rescheduled and the records are ready to ship.  Thanxx!  Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl

The Staff

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Double Up! Snappy Little Numbers 103 & 104 Release Show Extravaganza!

Yep, you read correctly.  Double record release show!  The Manxx and Hooper will be jointly launching their brand new singles on Friday December 16 at Lost Lake in Denver.  If you haven't figured it out yet, Lost Lake (or Loose Lake as we often call it) is the official party zone for all things Snappy.   The lovely new 45's will come housed in stylish company sleeves along with download codes for your mobile listening joy.  Make plans to come rock and roll with the whole gang!  Thank you friends.
The Manxx
The Staff

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Archives & bandcamp Updates!

If you head on over to our bandcamp page you'll notice we've done a little updating, including a big addition to the Snappy Little Archives.  First, we've added tracks by The Manxx and Hooper to our Snappy Little Sampler.  Next, and this one's the biggie; the Not Bad World Industries "Anthology 1997-2010" is now complete and available for the very first time!  Many blasts from the past are on there so feel free to reminisce about the good ol' days.  OK gang, that's it for now!
The Staff

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Label Profile By R.A.D Vinyl!

Want a little insight into the hit factory that is Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings?  Then check out this cool label profile by the always stylish R.A.D Vinyl right HERE.  The Head Honcho himself did his best to adequately represent the label and it looks like he might have done a nice job!  Many more thanks go out to Ross and R.A.D Vinyl!
The Staff

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Rad Blog Called R.A.D Vinyl!

In our ongoing quest to make ourselves available to anyone that is interested in anything we do, we have been brought into the world of R.A.D Vinyl.  R.A.D Vinyl is a blog that focuses on our new friend Ross and his family's hunt for vinyl records.  Ross found us, dug us and has just put up a review of the 25 Rifles "History Of Flags" EP right HERE.  Thanks R.A.D Vinyl!
The Staff  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Styrofoam Drone & 7 Inches Blog Take Aim At 25 Rifles!

The Styrofoam Drone & 7 Inches Blog recently took shots at reviewing the 25 Rifles "History Of Flags" EP.  Pow!  They both nailed it with sweet write-ups.  See the Styrofoam Drone review HERE.  As a bonus there are two tracks to stream on that one.  For the 7 Inches review go HERE.  We gotta thank Zac & Jason again for their excellent taste!

The Staff

Friday, September 2, 2011

And The Next 2 Singles Go To... The Manxx and Hooper! Plus, More Giveaways!

That's right, The Manxx and Hooper will be submitting their recorded material to us in the coming months. We will then turn that material into stylish 45 rpm Singles that will blow the roof off your domicile.  These 2 wax offerings should hit the streets by late Fall.  In other news, we are out of the posters that we were including with mailorders.  The new freebies for mailorders will be classic CDs from the vaults of Not Bad World Industries.  You're gonna have to trust us though, we're just gonna shut our eyes and grab whatever when packing up orders.  One CD per order.  Free.  No extra shipping.  Pretty good huh?  Thanks for the continued support!
The Staff

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Archives Are On The Map!

The Freeloader Blog over at Westword has done a cool write-up on the new archives project we've gotten started on.  Check it right HERE!  Similarly, there is a rad blurb in the Denver/Boulder A.V. Club on the same subject and can be found HERE!  Thanks to Thorin and Tuyet for sharing us with their readers!
The Staff

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Stuff On The Site!

Scope the new additions to the site!  First off, we've launched a brand new section called Snappy Little Archives. It's a partnership with the freshly minted Not Bad Historical Preservation Society.  Snappy Little Archives features free downloads of unreleased and classic out-of-print material from the Snappy Little Numbers & Not Bad World Industries circle of awesomeness.  Next, we've added the final album by The Reddmen, "White Omega", to the Adoptions section.  There are only a few copies of The Reddmen's much hyped Anthology Box Set so check with Not Bad or the band members if you want one.  Thanks for reading, we've got two new singles on the horizon as we get back to the vinyl business.  Be on the lookout for that sizzling info!
The Staff

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eyes & Ears/Snake Mountain 7" Reviews On 7 Inches Blog & The Styrofoam Drone!!

Hey guys, SLN-101 has received some excellent reviews over at the 7 Inches blog and The Styrofoam Drone blog.  Check 'em out!  The records are posted on the main pages of each blog this week.  You can also catch the 7 Inches spot HERE and The Styrofoam Drone spot HERE if you are a late arrival on the media train.  Thanks to Jason at 7 Inches and Zac at The Styrofoam Drone for listening and making space for us on these incredibly bitchin' blogs.  We can only assume more positive reviews will come pouring in for everything we ever do!
The Staff

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Reddmen- Anthology & Final Shows

Hello once again friends and fans!  Our very good friends The Reddmen are retiring.  They will be issuing an Anthology and doing a brief tour before moving to Florida to play golf everyday and eat dinner at 4:30pm. Head on over to Not Bad World Industries for all the info.  More news coming soon!
The Staff

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Posters, Samplers, Giveaways, Other Stuff!

Greetings friends and listeners!  You may have noticed a few updates to the site here.  We've got the Adoptions section rolling, posted a track by The Reddmen to Soundcloud and livened up some links.  We also have a bandcamp page now!  The link under the Sounds header will direct you to a 4 Song Sampler that you can download for free.  If you wanna donate a buck or two that option is also there.  Want to know another way to get free stuff?  Any order placed through us will come with a free mini poster (look left!) to hang in your room or locker or tent or wherever you like to show people what good taste you have.  That's a "while supplies last" deal.  Once those are gone we'll have another free bonus for orders.  More on that later on.  We should have some announcements by the end of the summer as to who the lucky bands are that will comprise our 3rd and 4th releases.  Thanks loyal followers, catch ya next time!  
The Staff

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thanks Once Again!

The 25 Rifles record release show for their "History Of Flags" E.P. was super fun.  Thanks go out to all involved and every attendee.  Here at Snappy HQ we are letting some ideas simmer before unleashing any news on the next planned release.  We will be adding some more material from The Reddmen to our Adoptions section soon.  Included amongst the titles will be a new anthology that coincides with their decision to hang it up after 15 years.  We'll keep you posted on what's next for those guys.  Until next time loyal followers!
The Staff

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bang! The Next Hot Platter, Courtesy Of 25 Rifles!

The new 25 Rifles E.P. is called "History Of Flags" and it's a scorcher.  4 tunes at 45 RPM ensures maximum listening efficiency.  Want to know more about the Rifles?  Well, they don’t preach the apocalypse. The world ended long before they were born. Instead, the three-piece group scavenges the ruins of culture, repurposing the buzz and howl of early Husker Du and Mission of Burma to suit the empty gestures of their futile rage.  25 Rifles subtracts the “power” from the power-trio. What’s left is dust. Oh, and this record.  Perks include color vinyl, a fold-over picture sleeve with lyrics and a download code.  All that for just $5.00.  They are ready to ship and the release show is coming up.  Get while the gettin' is good!  Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl
The Staff

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Snappy Little Numbers 102 Release Show Is Hurtling Towards Us!

Hot on the heels of our first offering comes the "History Of Flags" E.P. by Denver's own 25 Rifles.  This 4 song 7" spins at 45 rpm and includes a download code.  The release show is on a Saturday night, June 25, 2011 at the now legendary Lost Lake in Denver.  Enjoy a cocktail or several and pick up a record.  That's a pretty nice evening in our book.  As always, thanks to our friends and fans.
25 Rifles.  Drummer's in back.  He's killing it.
The Staff

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Many Thanks...

Friends and Fans, the release show for Snappy Little Numbers 101 was a great success!  We thank all of you that helped make it happen.  Stay tuned for info on the next release.  It will be soon!
The Staff

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People! Your Next Favorite Record Is Here!

We are proud to announce our first release, a split single 45 featuring Eyes & Ears and Snake Mountain.  Both groups provide songs that pay homage to a couple of Denver institutions.  Eyes & Ears' "I Buried My Heart Under Bar Bar (Then Burned It Down To The Ground)" is about, well, Bar Bar.  Bar Bar is a classic dive that plays host to many killer shows and provides questionable allowances to patrons.  What's not to like?  Snake Mountain's "Defend Colfax" is in honor of the most famous street in the greater Denver metropolitan area.  Why is it famous?  Well, aside from it's vast array of car dealerships, restaurants and hookers, Colfax is lined with bars and clubs that provide many of the same attributes as Bar Bar.  So now this blurb has come full circle.  This 7" Single is on color vinyl and comes in one of our stylish company sleeves and includes a Download Code.  At $4.00, this is a hot deal.  These are ready for mail order right now and there will be a record release party on May 28 (read below).  After that they will be released to the rest of the world for mass consumption.  Rock it!  Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl
The Staff

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snappy Little Numbers 101 Release Show Is Set!

The time has come for us to officially launch our first platter of savage hiss.  Eyes & Ears have teamed up with Snake Mountain for one killer Split 45.  There is one blistering song from each band and the record comes with a download code.  The release show will be Saturday night, May 28, 2011 at the lovely establishment known as Lost Lake.  That's in Denver kids.  Come get blasted and buy a record.  Many thanks to our friends and fans.
  The Staff

Eyes & Ears

Snake Mountain

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Greetings World!

Welcome to the cyber-home of  Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings.  We operate out of scenic Denver, CO.  We're just getting off the ground but don't worry, we have professional experience.  Check the left side bar for credentials.  We will be issuing our first two selections in the coming months.  You'll notice them on the right side bar.  If you want to order early those links are alive and kickin'.  We'll be posting the finer details soon, like pressing info and release show schedules.  In the meantime we have some sounds going for your listening pleasure.  This is gonna be rad.  Stick with us and thank you all immensely.

The Staff