Tuesday, October 29, 2019

No Music For ICE!

We just signed the pledge for #nomusicforice. Go to the Fight For The Future website and do the same if you feel like us and thousands of others. Diversity is life! There’s plenty of room for people to live their best lives wherever they want. Let’s help those that need it! Thanks...
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Thursday, October 24, 2019

SLN-175 Wants To Keep You Company!

"Desolation", the new cassette from Weathered Statues, is out now!  It's pressed on ultra-dark black cassettes and includes a download code.  After the widespread success of the first Weathered Statues long player last year, the band returns with renewed focus on 4 distinct tracks.  Although sharp guitar, melodic bass, churning drums and soaring vocals are still present, the band more heavily employs the synthesizer to really push their sound forward on these latest tunes.  Dark-wave.  Post-punk.  Death-rock.  Weathered Statues are all of these and more.  Grab the cassette from our Web Store HERE or go digital off our bandcamp HERE.  This will be in all the best Denver shops and digi-streaming spots.  There are only 50 copies, so if any copies remain after the band's next few shows, Recess Ops will of course distribute them.  Essential listening as the days get shorter and the nights get longer!  Pressing Info: 50 black cassette tapes, download code included. 
The Staff

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

After 24 Years, Armchair Martian's "Demo" Is Getting A Reissue!

In 1995, Ft. Collins, CO luminaries Armchair Martian self-released a demo cassette.  Shortly after, they would sign with then-powerhouse Cargo Music/Headhunter Records and tour regularly (including stints with Lagwagon).  After Cargo ceased label activities, Armchair Martian moved to Joey Cape's My Records (remember the Lagwagon reference earlier?) after the turn of the century.  Around this time, Armchair leader Jon Snodgrass would form Drag The River, a soon-to-be torchbearer for alt-country and Americana, along with Armchair drummer Paul Rucker and ALL singer Chad Price.  Jon then moved both bands to Denver's Suburban Home Records and as Drag got busier, Armchair was less so.  As the 00's turned to the 10's, Jon would establish himself as a standout solo acoustic artist.  Armchair and Drag shows occurred occasionally but rarely.  The entire Armchair Martian discography went out of print.  Most of it still remains unavailable digitally.  Now it's 2019 and we are pleased to announce the reissue of the Armchair Martian "Demo" on cassette/digital!  It will be released on 11/22/19 and Armchair Martian will be playing the Blasting Room 25th Anniversary show at Washington's in Ft. Collins on 11/23/19 to celebrate the release as well as the birthday for the region's top studio for punk royalty.  It's perfect timing as the Armchair demo was one of the earliest recordings done at the Blasting Room.  Pre-order your copy in our Web Store HERE!  This cassette will be the only physical in-print and broadly available digital Armchair Martian release in years, so if you've been digging for their tunes, we have you covered with the one that started it all!
The Staff

Monday, October 21, 2019

Punks For Rojava!

We are joining with friends old and new from around the world to donate proceeds of our sales from now through 10/26/19 to benefit humanitarian organizations helping Rojava, the north-eastern section of Syria that has battled ISIS and is now in the middle of a Turkish incursion. Details below! 
PUNKS FOR ROJAVA! Solidarity is a weapon!

The current level of brutality in the world is shocking and leaves us speechless. As incomprehensible as it all may be, we cannot let ourselves fall into a state of shock. We need to transform our speechlessness into cries of protest. It is time to give voice to our rage and fight the conditions in the world that are making us sick and leaving others dead. It is time to take a stand!

We cannot lose our solidarity in this cold world because it is our weapon in the fight for a humane existence.

In order to help break the silence and to show solidarity with the people and the revolution in Rojava, we - a collective of DIY Record Labels from all over the world – will be donating 25% of our proceeds in the coming week to the humanitarian aid organizations CADUS and the JINWAR VillageOf Free Women, because ours is a collective struggle.

Get active and take part in demonstrations, protests and any other positive actions. The fascist aggression of the Turkish army is also an attack upon us and our ideals.

It may seem small, but it’s a start!  Thanks!


The Staff

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The Final Installment Of The 2019 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club!

The final installment of the 2019 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club is SPELLS “Charlie & The Shithead Take It Down A Notch, Part II”! 11/1/19 is the release date. Gold cassettes to subscribers, Gray cassettes are up for pre-order HERE. Subscribers will also get 1” button and magnet sets for free! Subscriptions will remain open until 12/9/19 (HERE), but order this week and 25% of proceeds will benefit Punks For Rojava (more info above)! 
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Friday, October 18, 2019

iSLN-154 Es Un Disco Muy Especial!

iHola amigos!  The new 7" from Roka Hueka, "Que No Quede Huella b/w Back To You (Version)" is out now!  This record is a Community Collaboration project and is fully sponsored by Cereveceria Colorado with 100% of the money raised from the sales of this release benefiting Casa de Paz and Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, two organizations dedicated to fighting for immigrants' rights.  The 7" is pressed on randomly mixed color vinyl, comes with a download code and is housed in our classic gold company sleeve that also includes a red or black obi strip with more information about the organizations involved in the project.  You can grab one from our Web Store HERE.  If digital is your preferred option, it's on our bandcamp HERE.  You can also find it on all the usual digital/streaming sites and of course the 7" is distributed nationally by Recess Ops.  All monies generated from this record, whether physical or digital, are going to Casa de Paz and Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition.  That includes streaming!  So listen up and listen loud!  We can all pull together around music to support diversity and inclusiveness in our home communities and beyond.  We are honored to be a part of this project and we thank each and every one of our supporters that help make things like this possible.  iMuchas gracias!  XOXO!  Pressing Info: 155 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl with red obi strips & black text, 155 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl with black obi strips & red text. Download code included.
The Staff