Monday, July 22, 2019

The Next Two Hand Dubbed Buddies Club Cassettes Are Almost Here!

The response to our new cassette series, the Hand Dubbed Buddies Club, has been really great so far!  Thanks to all the early subscribers that hopped on board our rickety tape-wagon.  We think it's pretty fun!  You can join the club HERE to get gold mail order edition cassettes of all 2019 HDBC releases.  The next two installments in the series are due out 8/2/19!  HDBC-002 is Hooper "Goodnight Maurice b/w Big Guy, Big Day" and HDBC-003 is SPELLS "Charlie & The Shithead Take It Down A Notch, Part I".  If the club isn't your bag, you can always grab gray open edition cassettes HERE.  Hooper is celebrating their release Friday 8/2 at Bowman's in Denver that will also feature a silent auction benefiting The Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (some rare SLN stuff has been contributed)!  Check out the Facebook Event to learn more.  Charlie & The Shithead (SPELLS acoustic) will be making their live debut 8/17 at the Triple Nickle in Colorado Springs and their hometown debut 8/18 at Bowman's in Denver.  They'll be celebrating the release of of their cassette at those two shows.  Lots more coming up this year, thanks for following along!
The Staff

Monday, July 15, 2019

Hand Dubbed Buddies Club Subscriptions!

5+ Cassettes
With Downloads
$19.00 (USA Postage Paid!)

The Hand Dubbed Buddies Club (HDBC) is a series of made to order custom cassettes, hand dubbed and numbered with a personal note from SLN and/or the artists. HDBC annual subscribers will get Gold Mail Order Edition cassettes numbered in orange sent directly to them as they're released, plus cool bonuses throughout the year. Fans can still purchase HDBC releases individually and will get Gray Open Edition cassettes numbered in blue. HDBC cassettes are only available through us or the artists directly! We encourage you to leave SLN and/or the artists personal notes at checkout whether purchasing a subscription or individual releases, cuz we're all gonna be buddies (if we aren't already) and that's all it really takes to be part of the all-inclusive club. But... ultra club member subscribers get all the rad club bonuses and prestige!

Join the club at any point during the year and get all the HDBC releases for that year!

HDBC Releases Scheduled For 2019:

Young Hellions "Singles Still Steady" (9/26)
Charlie Continental "Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos" (9/26)
+ at least one additional surprise release!

For more information and to subscribe, visit our Web Store HERE!

The Staff

Friday, July 12, 2019

SLN-161 Likes What You Like!

"We Like What You Like", the debut release from Zephyr, is out now!  It's in the classy cassingle format, pressed on blue cassettes with accompanying download code.  Zephyr plays the kind of gruff, heart-on-sleeve pop-punk that is as timeless as it is fresh sounding.  These 3 tracks just hint at what's to come from Denver's newest power trio.  Grab the cassingle from our web store HERE or go digital off our bandcamp HERE.  This will be in all the usual Denver record shops, digi-streamer sites and beyond by way of Recess Ops.  Crack open a cold one and get listening!  Pressing Info: 100 blue cassettes, download code included.
The Staff

Friday, July 5, 2019

SLN-160 Makes The Drive Home!

"Long Drives/Dark Nights", the new cassingle from Lawsuit Models, is out now!  It's pressed on vibrant red tint cassettes and includes a download code.  After the smash success of the first Lawsuit Models long player last year, the band returns with razor sharp focus on 3 distinct tracks.  Each song is written and sung by a different band member and the efforts prove that Lawsuit Models is greater than the sum of its parts.  You'll still find the catchy sing along choruses backed by soaring guitars, taut bass and pummeling drums but you'll also find a band that has grown even more comfortable in it's own skin.  Pop.  Punk.  Pop-punk.  Lawsuit Models love it and they remind us all that we love it too.  Grab the cassingle from our web store HERE or go digital off our bandcamp HERE.  It's a split release with our good buddies at Motorcycle Potluck Records so feel free to hit them up if ya like.  This will be in all the best Denver shops, digi-streamers and beyond by way of Recess Ops.  Essential summer listening!  Pressing Info: 100 red tint cassettes, download code included. Released in partnership with Motorcycle Potluck Records. 
The Staff