Saturday, December 28, 2013

Can't Stop The Presses!

Wow, it's been a banner year for Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings!  Thanks to all of our friends and fans for the support.  We'd also like to thank our media pals for the lavish attention they bestowed upon our artists.  There's even been a little bit more that we wanna share with y'all...

The Knew had a Daytrotter Session!  Check that out HERE.  They also got a nice write-up recently over at I Buy Way Too Many Records.

Speaking of I Buy Way Too Many Records, Hooper got an excellent review HERE and made their year-end best list HERE.  As if that's not awesome enough, Westword has Hooper as one of their 2013 Music Moovers and Shakers!

SPELLS made a year-end best list over at the fabulous Literati Records with a track off their debut 7".  Check it HERE.  They also got a couple interviews in with Reverb and Westword ahead of their cassingle release show.  To top it all off, Westword also listed SPELLS as one of their Music Moovers and Shakers for 2013!

To keep the year-end best motif going, check out the Empty Palace spot over at Go Start Your Own Band.

We look forward to sharing the heaps of praise that Glass Hits and SPELLS are sure to get in the new year with their new releases hitting media mailboxes right about now.  Up next on the release schedule is the Shining Wires cassingle and a new Friends Of Cesar Romero 45!

The Staff

Friday, December 20, 2013

SLN-111 And SLN-113 Have Touched Down!

The new Glass Hits LP "Better Never Than Late" and the new SPELLS Cassingle "Double Cassingle" are officially out right this second!  Go to our STORE and order yourself a pair.  Digi-fans can hit up our bandcamp to grab both releases for a low price.
For Glass Hits, "Better Never Than Late" is a continued culmination of shared vision and punk-rock pedigree. Adding a new taste to an old process, they manage to further explore the ideas and sounds of the 90's underground scene on which they cut their teeth.  The first 100 LP's are on ultra-cool split clear/black vinyl and come in a silk screened/hand stamped outer sleeve that houses the regular jacket too.  Cause Medic Ink did a badass job on them!  

As for SPELLS, “Double Cassingle” contains four sure-fire hits that are sure to distract you from the worst 10 minutes of your day and probably turn them into the best 10 minutes of your day.  The cassette tapes are available in a trio of colors.  Life's about choices after all! 
Aside from our store, the audio recordings will be hitting Denver shops shortly with distros right behind.  All the finest digi-markets will have the tunes as well.  We're pumped to have our second LP and first Cassette out in the universe. Be sure to see both bands live in concert!  Glass Hits Pressing Info: 100 12" LP's on split clear/black vinyl with silk screened/hand stamped outer sleeves (original jackets inside), 200 12" LP's on black vinyl.  Download code included.  SPELLS Pressing Info: 50 red tapes, 50 green tapes, 100 purple tapes.  Download code included.

The Staff

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Releases From Glass Hits And SPELLS To Close Out The Year!

It's been a big year for SLN, but we're not quite done.  December 20th will see the release of the new Glass Hits LP titled "Better Never Than Late", as well as a Cassingle by SPELLS simply called "Double Cassingle".  That's right, cassette tapes!  They're still analog so no worries there.  We've updated our sampler with new tracks from both of these pending releases so cruise to the left and rock 'em loud.  More info is coming, but the cover art is posted here and the release show is all set for December 20th at lovely 3 Kings in Denver.  Get pumped folks!

The Staff 

A Trifecta Of Reviews In Razorcake!

Zine luminaries Razorcake have been busy spinning our hit recent hit 7"ers from this past summer.  They gots good taste!  Read the reviews for Empty Palace HERE, The Knew HERE and SPELLS HERE.  Thanks to Bryan Static for his attention to excellence.

The Staff