Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey, It's 2012! We've Got Some New Gadgets. Oh, And Music Plans!

Welcome to the future, now!  You might have noticed our new Facebook and Twitter icon-type things.  Our corporate consultants said we had to have them to stay competitive in the marketplace.  We said "Huh?  Sure, whatevs.  Those seem OK."  We're gonna try and do more with Twitter so get with us on that.  Not only are we freshly tech savvy, but we have a new band we'll be working with this year.  Please give a warm round of applause to Friends Of Cesar Romero!  FOCR features our longtime friend and former leader of The Reddmen, J. Waylon Porcupine.  He's recently relocated to Phoenix, AZ and has recorded a demo solo and hired some professional side-men for live concerts. Go download the demo for free on Bandcamp!  A new single should see the light of day sometime this spring.  We have more plans in the works but that must wait until next time!
The Staff