Thursday, September 26, 2019

SLN-167/HDBC-004 & SLN-170/HDBC-004 Make Another Great Pair!

The two newest installments of the Hand Dubbed Buddies Club are both out now!  First up, Young Hellions brings us "Singles Still Steady" (SLN-167/HDBC-004) which is a rediscovery of sorts.  Young Hellions were a short lived project featuring Bryce McPherson and Chuck Coffey from Denver, CO and Johnny Miller from Rapid City, SD.  SLN followers know the pedigrees of these ding dongs so we'll skip that here.  The 3 lads had a 36 hour rehearsal/recording session in Rapid City in 2009.  They never played again.  Then in 2012 the 3 songs from the session were unearthed and released digitally for a short time.  Then they went away.  Now it's 2019 and "Singles Still Steady" has been remastered and re-sequenced for it's best sound and release format yet!  Young Hellions may have been brief, but they hold up nicely.  Maybe they'll play again one day?!  Next, we have another contribution from Charlie Continental in the form of "Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos" (SLN-170/HDBC-005).  This release is fairly self-explanatory, but it features 3 tracks that ol' Charlie had written and demoed in 2012 before the combo known as SPELLS assembled.  It's sort of a fly-on-the-wall treat to hear how a longtime Denver band first began.  Both releases come on Gold Mail Order Edition cassettes with HDBC subscriptions (still available HERE) or can be ordered individually as Gray Open Edition cassettes through our Web Store.  Both releases are also up on our bandcamp and all your favorite digi-streaming sites.  The cassettes are only available directly from us or the bands.  Sorry, thems still club rules!  Now get out there and continue to tell all your friends!  Please.  Thanks.  Pressing Info: SLN-167/HDBC-004 & SLN-170/HDBC-005 - Hand Dubbed Buddies Club custom cassettes (Gold Mail Order Editions or Gray Open Editions). Only available directly from SLN or the artists. Download links included.
The Staff