Saturday, November 12, 2016

SLN-127 Rips It's Way Here!

It's here folks!  The debut full-length from Denver powerhouse SPELLS, "Staying In > Going Out" has landed.  12 songs on this 45 RPM 12" LP that rip from start to finish.  Comes on lovely staying in blue vinyl and comes with a download code of course.  Only $12 from our store right HERE.  You can also go digital at our bandcamp for only $5 HERE.  What a deal either way!  Come, commence commerce for the mighty SPELLS!  As usual, these suckers are in stores in the Denver area and will be popping up in distros and e-markets shortly.  We thank you and the band thanks you.  Now let's rock!  Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on staying in blue vinyl, download code included.
The Staff