Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dirty Few/Rootbeer And Mermentau Split 7" Out Soon!

That's right folks, SLN-122 is coming in hot!  It's a split 7" from Dirty Few and Rootbeer And Mermentau and it's a doozy!  Two tracks from each band and a download to boot.  Come celebrate the release before the two bands leave on the Set 'Em Free tour Friday September 4 at Lost Lake in Denver.  Wanna know more about the bands?  Well Dirty Few goes a little something like this: Warm beers. Out-of-tune guitars. Cancelled shows. Broken mopeds. While lesser bands may have crumbled under the weight of such colossal rock & roll bummers, Dirty Few has not only weathered the storm, but emerged victorious, leading an entire army of Denver dive-bar diehards into a rad utopia where the babes are hot, the PBR flows like wine and a little barf is nothing more than a sure sign you’re having a good night. Rootbeer And Mermentau keep it a little more succinct: Southern Two piece Fuzz Rock.  Enough said.  Preview "YOLOCO" and "Walk" on our sampler to the left right now!
The Staff

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We're Back From Summer Break And We Brought A Bunch Of Bands Back With Us!

Dirty Few
Lawsuit Models
Pink Hawks
Rootbeer And Mermentau
That's right folks, after a little fun in the sun we here at SLN HQ are ready to get back in action!  We've got three releases at the pressing plant featuring rad bands that are new to our tight knit little family.  SLN-121 is a 12" featuring Denver afrobeat-jazz ensemble Pink Hawks.  SLN-122 is a split 7" with Denver by way of Louisiana garage rockers Dirty Few and Rootbeer And Mermentau.  Last but not least, SLN-123 is a 7" single from Denver's pop-punkers Lawsuit Models.  3 new records!  4 new bands!  Patience is rewarded and we thank you for yours.  More info on each release to come.  Over and out!
The Staff