Friday, July 3, 2020

SLN-172 Is Big News For Big Music Fans!

The new album from Hangman's Hymnal, "Small News Travels Fast In A Bad Town", is out now!  It's a fun and furious romp in a timeless tradition that evokes all that is great about eclectic and energetic roots-based music. The LP spins at 33.3 RPM and comes on translucent red vinyl.  Each record is hand-numbered by band leader Braden Rauen and a download code is included.  You can grab a copy from our Web Store HERE.  If digital is your jam, it's on our bandcamp HERE.  Additionally, bandcamp is waiving their revenue shares today (7/3).  If you download the album from bandcamp today, 20% of proceeds will be donated directly to Colorado Freedom Fund!  You can also find the album on all the usual digital/streaming sites, plus the LP is distributed by Recess Ops.  The technical street date is delayed due to COVID-19, but our direct orders and direct orders via Recess Ops are shipping now.  We hope to have copies in all our favorite record stores ASAP.  Pressing Info: 300 hand-numbered 12" LP's on translucent red vinyl, download code included.  
The Staff

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Happy Heaty Beat Digital Single Release!

Heaty Beat has officially joined the SLN family!  Tastemakers are already hip to the Ohio sensation.  Best Rapper Alive?!  Possibly.  Best 4am-Beat Making-Nerd Culture-YouTube-Rapper Alive?! Definitely!  Her newest digital single, "My Way", is now available on our bandcamp HERE. It's also up on all your favorite streaming services and digital marketplaces.  Heaty Beat has many talents in addition to writing and recording next-level raps.  Video production is certainly one of them and she made an official video for "My Way".  Check out her YouTube page to view it along with a bunch more rad video content.  What's next for Heaty Beat?  Another remix collab with Charlie Continental on a jingle!  Stay tuned, good listeners...
The Staff

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Welcome Hangman's Hymnal To The Talent Roster! "Small News Travels Fast In A Bad Town" LP Due Out Soon! Pre-order now!

 We are thrilled to announce that Denver, CO dark hootenanny heroes Hangman's Hymnal have joined the SLN roster!   Hangman’s Hymnal consists of 14 hands, 7 heads, 5 beards, an electric guitar, two drum kits, 4 singers, a banjo, a mando, a trumpet, a fiddle, some keys, lap steel, and bass, among other things. When asked to describe the infernal cacophony produced by this catastrophic collection of flesh, wood, metal, and strings, the Devil is reported to have said: “Doom Country. Gothic Gospel. Devil Grass. It’s catchy, in other words. But don’t just take Satan’s word for it: Go hear for yourself, Sinner.”   The band's debut album, "Small News Travels Fast In A Bad Town", will be issued on LP and digital.  Pre-orders for the LP are up in our Web Store HERE, plus you can hear the first single 'The Abyss' on our bandcamp sampler HERE.  We haven't set a street date for the LP yet since we're still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the digital album will be out on 7/3/20 and orders from our web store will be shipped near that date.  Be safe, be well and thanks everyone!
The Staff

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Welcome Heaty Beat!

Heaty Beat is officially joining the roster! Tastemakers are already hip to the Ohio sensation. Best Rapper Alive?! Possibly. Best 4am-Beat Making-Nerd Culture-YouTube-Rapper Alive?! Definitely! New digital single drops June 26th. Her second remix of another Charlie Continental jingle is coming soon.
The Staff

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Chap Joins The SLN Roster And Releases New EP With Proceeds Benefiting The Hi-Dive!

Chap, the solo project of longtime Colorado musician Tom Chagolla (Fourth Gear Blue, Mustangs & Madras, Native Daughters) has just joined the SLN roster and released a debut digital EP called 'The Free TV EP'.  It's donation-based with all proceeds going to Denver's very own Hi-Dive while their doors remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE. Thanks so much for helping if you can. More info via Chap is below!
The Staff 

"The Free TV EP"

Any and all proceeds go to The Hi-Dive (; the finest damn bar and venue owned and operated by some of the finest damn folks in Denver.
xoxo Chap

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pink Hawks Launches Benefit Track For Casa De Paz!

iFeliz Cinco de Mayo!  Denver, CO's favorite Afrobeat/Chicano/Hip-Hop orchestra, Pink Hawks, have just released a new digital single.  It's called 'Elote' and it's a donation-based track with all proceeds benefiting Casa de Paz, a Denver organization that reunites families separated by immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE as well as Pink Hawks' bandcamp HERE. Thanks so much for helping if you're able to!
The Staff 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Bad Year Launches Benefit Track For Project Worthmore And Elevating Connections!

Denver, CO pop-punk trio Bad Year has just released their first unplugged effort, 'Here, Hold My Cake (Acoustic)' as a benefit track supporting Project Worthmore & Elevating Connections.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE as well as Bad Year's bandcamp HERE. Thanks so much for helping if you can. Full info via Bad Year is below!
The Staff 

Bad Year
"Here, Hold My Cake (Acoustic)"

"Here, Hold My Cake (Acoustic)" is Bad Year's first unplugged effort. It is a donation-based track supporting Project Worthmore ( & Elevating Connections (

Project Worthmore strives for a world in which all people are valued, included, and empowered. They provide programs that foster community, self-sufficiency and increase quality of life among Denver-area refugees. We here at Bad Year, Inc. love what Project Worthmore is doing and want to support it. Elevating Connections is a community resource that reunites siblings separated in foster care. The sibling relationship is the longest relationship in many lives. Elevating Connections creates opportunities that strengthen the connections between youth, families and their communities. They also help brothers and sisters regain a lost sense of permanency and connection by strengthening their sibling relationships through the Camp To Belong program.

Thanks for helping those in need. We're all better together!

Chuck Coffey
Casey Yunko
Jack Criswell

Friday, April 24, 2020

Happy Broken Record Digital Day!

Today sees the digital release of "I Died Laughing", the debut album from Broken Record.  It's available on our bandcamp HERE as well as all your other favorite digi-streamy places.  The cassette version of "I Died Laughing" will be out a little later on this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down the usual production and release schedules.  Safety first!  You can still pre-order the cassette from our Web Store HERE and we'll be sure to post the updated cassette release dates, both for direct orders and retail release, respectively. We'll get direct orders sent out ASAP once the tapes are in.  Thanks for tuning in!
The Staff

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Charlie Continental’s Community Tune Garden (Version 1.0)!

Charlie Continental thinks it’s project time friends!  At Rob Burleson’s suggestion, he has a little song sharing experiment type thing going on.  The idea is simple.  Charlie wrote a song and he's sharing it with anyone that wants to make their own version.  Although he has melodies, lyrics, arrangement etc for his own version, he's just providing participants with a lone electric guitar recording as a guide for complete creative freedom.  Do it solo, do it with a band, make it rock, make it dancey, change the key, add a part, make it loud, make it quiet… do what ya want!  This is open to all interested parties on planet earth!  Just email Charlie (yes, it's really Chuck Coffey of course) at expressing your interest in Charlie Continental’s Community Tune Garden and he’ll send you more info plus what you need to get started... Thaaanks!
The Staff

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Territorio Liberado Super Saver Two-Pack: Roka Hueka 7" + Don Chicharron 7"!

Casa de Paz & Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition need extra assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic to help struggling immigrants. To raise additional short term funds, we've created the Territorio Liberado Super Saver Two-Pack (aka TL 2-Pack). The TL-2-pack offers two excellent 7"s benefiting two great organizations at one low price for a limited time.

For only $10 (US postage paid!) you get a copy of:

Roka Hueka "Que No Quede Huella b/w Back To You (Version)" 7" [SLN-154] 

Don Chicharron "Valle b/w En La Gruta Del Rey De La Montaña" 7" [SLN-174]

Just choose which obi strip versions you want for each!  Order from our Web Store HERE.

These two Community Collaboration projects are fully sponsored by Cerveceria Colorado (RH) and Don Cheech Discos/Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings (DC) with 100% of the money raised from the sales of these releases benefiting Territorio Liberado participants Casa de Paz & Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition, two organizations dedicated to helping struggling immigrants.

You can buy as many TL 2-Packs as ya like! For customers outside the US, we can offer the TL 2-Pack at $10 of course but can't offer free shipping. Sorry! Please contact us for shipping arrangements as we can do a special postage discount on the TL 2-Pack.
Thanks for any and all support!

The Staff

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Welcome Broken Record To The SLN Family! "I Died Laughing" Cassette Due Out Soon! Pre-Order Now!

We are excited to announce that Golden, CO fuzzy pop tunesmiths Broken Record have joined the SLN roster!  Broken Record have that carefully crafted balance of power and melody that is as infectious as it is timeless.  Jams that get stuck in your head and never leave.  That's fine by us!  "I Died Laughing" is the band's debut album and will be issued on cassette and digital.  Pre-orders for the cassette are up in our Web Store HERE, plus you can hear the first single 'Time Warp' on our bandcamp sampler HERE or as an early release on the digital album HERE.  As an added bonus, 20% of pre-order sales for "I Died Laughing" will go to the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition.  Order from us, order from the band, physical or digital and know that you're also pitching in towards a great cause.  We haven't set a street date for the cassette yet since we're still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the digital album will be out on 4/24/20 and tapes will ship ASAP.  As another treat, pre-order customers through our web store will still get digital albums sent to them on release day.  Be safe, be well and thank you all!
The Staff

Friday, April 3, 2020

Foxhall Stacks Releases New EP With Proceeds Benefiting We Are Family DC!

Surprise!  Washington, DC's Foxhall Stacks has just released a new digital EP called "The Half Stack EP".   It is available on our bandcamp HERE or Foxhall Stacks' bandcamp HERE.  Those are the only two places to hear/download the EP during April before it hits the other digi-markets May 4, 2020.  A portion of the proceeds from this release will be going to We Are Family, a Washington, DC based senior outreach network.  Thanks for helping if you're able to.  Full info via Foxhall Stacks is below!
The Staff

Foxhall Stacks
"The Half Stack EP"

"The Half Stack EP" features previously unreleased tracks from "The Coming Collapse" recording sessions. A portion of the proceeds benefit We Are Family in Washington, DC ( 

This EP is dedicated to the work of We Are Family DC. During the current COVID-19 epidemic, inner-city seniors need our help more than ever. We Are Family delivers groceries, supplies, and most importantly, emotional support to our community elders in Washington, DC. At least 50% of what you pay ($4 or more) will go directly to We Are Family. Thank you. 

The Foxhall Stacks

Bill Barbot: vocals and guitars
Jim Spellman: guitars and backing vocals
Peter Moffett: drums, percussion, and backing vocals
Brian Baker: bass guitar