Friday, June 17, 2011

Bang! The Next Hot Platter, Courtesy Of 25 Rifles!

The new 25 Rifles E.P. is called "History Of Flags" and it's a scorcher.  4 tunes at 45 RPM ensures maximum listening efficiency.  Want to know more about the Rifles?  Well, they don’t preach the apocalypse. The world ended long before they were born. Instead, the three-piece group scavenges the ruins of culture, repurposing the buzz and howl of early Husker Du and Mission of Burma to suit the empty gestures of their futile rage.  25 Rifles subtracts the “power” from the power-trio. What’s left is dust. Oh, and this record.  Perks include color vinyl, a fold-over picture sleeve with lyrics and a download code.  All that for just $5.00.  They are ready to ship and the release show is coming up.  Get while the gettin' is good!  Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl
The Staff