Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Set Of Choice Cuts!

Our 4th record is already here!  "The Shallows b/w 100 Acre Slingshot" by Hooper navigates on your turntable at 45 RPM on 7" vinyl and comes with a download code, all in our instantly recognizable gold sleeve.  Hooper is a power-trio that likes some pop in their punkish rock 'n' roll.  If it was the 90's they might even be called "College Rock".  But it's not so let's just say the guitar rips, the bass thumps, the drums bang and you can whoa-oh the day away during repeated listens.  The fresh single is ready to ship right this second.  Be sure to catch the release show at our favorite spot, Lost Lake, Friday 12/16/11.  Pogo party!  Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl
The Staff