Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Stuff On The Site!

Scope the new additions to the site!  First off, we've launched a brand new section called Snappy Little Archives. It's a partnership with the freshly minted Not Bad Historical Preservation Society.  Snappy Little Archives features free downloads of unreleased and classic out-of-print material from the Snappy Little Numbers & Not Bad World Industries circle of awesomeness.  Next, we've added the final album by The Reddmen, "White Omega", to the Adoptions section.  There are only a few copies of The Reddmen's much hyped Anthology Box Set so check with Not Bad or the band members if you want one.  Thanks for reading, we've got two new singles on the horizon as we get back to the vinyl business.  Be on the lookout for that sizzling info!
The Staff