Thursday, July 16, 2020

V/A "Charlie Continental’s Community Tune Garden, Version 1.0" Is Now Up For Pre-Order!

V/A "Charlie Continental's Community Tune Garden, Version 1.0" is a compilation of original songs recorded for a song-sharing project initiated by Chuck Coffey (aka Charlie Continental) based off of an idea by Rob Burleson (aka #3). Round 1 of the results have come in and the EP is comprised of standout efforts from the aforementioned Charlie Continental (SPELLS, Bad Year, Eyes & Ears) as well as Chris Kuhn (State Drugs, Pulling Teeth, Integrity), Julie D (The Drolls, Guest Directors, Chinchilla) and Nuevo Leon (aka Trevor McMorris- Hooper, Big Timber, Bailer).  They are neatly packaged as the first installment in our 2020 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club: ultra limited cassettes, hand dubbed, hand numbered and personalized. This year we're changing things up and only producing HDBC cassettes for a short period, with a production duration ending one month after the initial release date. Consumers can choose either Gold or Gray tapes, no subscription required and either color will be numbered and personalized in green. HDBC cassettes are only available through us or the artists directly!  V/A "Charlie Continental's Community Tune Garden, Version 1.0" will be out on 7/23/20 and it's now up for pre-order in our Web Store HERE.  It will also be available on bandcamp and all the usual digital/streaming platforms.  More info on the project can be found HERE and proceeds from the sale of this release are benefiting the ACLU.  Version 1.1 isn't far behind, hit us up if you'd like to contribute a track.  More info coming soon on the future of the project.  Thanks for the continued support friends and fans!
The Staff