Thursday, July 23, 2020

SLN-191 Bears Fruit!

The first installment of the 2020 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club is out now!  V/A "Charlie Continental's Community Tune Garden, Version 1.0" (SLN-191/HDBC-007) features ol' Charlie along with Chris Kuhn, Julie D and Nuevo Leon each contributing tunefully interpreted original songs based off of a general song idea that Charlie shared at the suggestion of Denver scene stalwart Rob #3.  Here's the deal in a nutshell- this release is available on Gold or Gray HDBC cassettes, download link included, through our Web Store HERE.  Consumer's choice!  We're not going the subscription route this year as we've opted for a very limited production run for each release.  This one will go out of print at 11:59pm mst on 8/23/20.  The digital version is up on our bandcamp HERE and there is no expiration on that!  It will also be available on all your other fave digital/streaming platforms very soon.  Proceeds from cassette/digital sales and bandcamp donations are benefiting the ACLU.  Thank you for any and all support!  Pressing Info: SLN-191/HDBC-007- Hand Dubbed Buddies Club ultra limited cassettes (gold or gray), hand numbered and personalized. Only available for a limited time (production ends 8/23/20) directly from SLN or the artists. Download link included.
The Staff