Friday, July 3, 2020

SLN-172 Is Big News For Big Music Fans!

The new album from Hangman's Hymnal, "Small News Travels Fast In A Bad Town", is out now!  It's a fun and furious romp in a timeless tradition that evokes all that is great about eclectic and energetic roots-based music. The LP spins at 33.3 RPM and comes on translucent red vinyl.  Each record is hand-numbered by band leader Braden Rauen and a download code is included.  You can grab a copy from our Web Store HERE.  If digital is your jam, it's on our bandcamp HERE.  Additionally, bandcamp is waiving their revenue shares today (7/3).  If you download the album from bandcamp today, 20% of proceeds will be donated directly to Colorado Freedom Fund!  You can also find the album on all the usual digital/streaming sites, plus the LP is distributed by Recess Ops.  The technical street date is delayed due to COVID-19, but our direct orders and direct orders via Recess Ops are shipping now.  We hope to have copies in all our favorite record stores ASAP.  Pressing Info: 300 hand-numbered 12" LP's on translucent red vinyl, download code included.  
The Staff