Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Former Lives Joins The SLN Roster And Launches Benefit Track For Mutiny Information Cafe!

Portland, OR via Denver, CO bedroom project Former Lives has just joined the SLN roster and released a debut single called 'Joy Of Missing Out' as a benefit track to help Mutiny Information Cafe get through these unprecedented times.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE as well as their bandcamp HERE. Thanks so much for helping if you can. Full info via Former Lives is below!
The Staff 

Former Lives
"Joy Of Missing Out"

"Joy Of Missing Out" is the first single from Former Lives, a bedroom project from Portland, OR resident and Denver, CO native Sean Klassen. It is a donation-based track with proceeds benefiting Mutiny Information Cafe ( in Sean's old Denver neighborhood, Baker.

Things are pretty scary right now. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going to happen out there but one thing I do know is that small businesses are hurting. And these places are the hearts of our neighborhoods. They’re sources of culture and community.

Mutiny Information Cafe is a book and coffee shop that embodies everything I love about the Baker neighborhood in Denver—a neighborhood I lived in far longer than anywhere else in my life. It has an endless supply of cool books, records, and art. It’s a friendly gathering place for all ages that makes a good cup of coffee. And it’s off kilter in just the right way.

Shortly before moving to Portland for a new job opportunity, I was collaborating on some songs with my friend Jenn in a spare bedroom at my home in Baker. I thought all of the work we had done together was lost in my move. But recently, I discovered a few of her vocal tracks from some of those songs on an old hard drive. One in particular stood out to me. Joy of Missing Out was written as a tongue-in-cheek anthem for introverts but it takes on a new meaning these days as we’re all staying at home. So, I decided to take Jenn’s vocal track, re-record the rest of the song, and put it out into the world. Maybe it’ll make you smile. Or even better, maybe it’ll give you a reason and a way to support Mutiny right now. It makes me think of a home I loved so much and a neighborhood I want to see make it through these strange times.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your hands.