Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Charlie Continental’s Community Tune Garden (Version 1.0)!

Charlie Continental thinks it’s project time friends!  At Rob Burleson’s suggestion, he has a little song sharing experiment type thing going on.  The idea is simple.  Charlie wrote a song and he's sharing it with anyone that wants to make their own version.  Although he has melodies, lyrics, arrangement etc for his own version, he's just providing participants with a lone electric guitar recording as a guide for complete creative freedom.  Do it solo, do it with a band, make it rock, make it dancey, change the key, add a part, make it loud, make it quiet… do what ya want!  This is open to all interested parties on planet earth!  Just email Charlie (yes, it's really Chuck Coffey of course) at expressing your interest in Charlie Continental’s Community Tune Garden and he’ll send you more info plus what you need to get started... Thaaanks!
The Staff