Friday, August 30, 2019

SLN-155 Should Be Taken To By Fans Immediately!

The State Drugs "Takings & Leavings" LP is out now from us and our buds at Toxic Pop Records!  Chris Kuhn is the man behind State Drugs.  Originally from Baltimore, MD and recently relocated to Denver, CO, Chris has taken State Drugs across all those miles with him.  He’s collaborated with many different “drugs”, which is code for band members, to record and play live in both geographic locations.  “Takings & Leavings” is a collection of early EP’s and demos and all songs have been remastered for their vinyl debut.  This record is a snapshot of a singular vision that is just now starting to materialize on a larger scale.  Chris has been singing loud and this record is proof that 1. He should keep doing it and 2. People are definitely starting to listen.  "Takings & Leavings" is available on turquoise blue vinyl with download in our Web Store HERE.  It's also on our bandcamp HERE.  Of course it's on all the digi-streaming spots and other fine physical outlets via Recess Ops.  This record is for all the fans that love new earworms, so, basically everybody!  Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on turquoise blue vinyl, download code included. Released in partnership with Toxic Pop Records.
The Staff