Friday, February 19, 2016

SLN-125 Pops It's Way Over!

You've already heard all about it, now it's here!  The debut cassingle from Charlie Continental, "Time" has two pieces of ear candy on a snappy little reel-to-reel and comes with a download code to boot.  Order one from our store HERE.  We've already pumped up that it's available on our bandcamp but it's also on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and all your other favorite digi-markets.  The cassingles will also be popping up at Denver record shops and will make their way to a few choice distros as well.  Charlie has been performing Quit Wastin' My Time with help from SPELLS and he might just make 'em learn Nothin' But Time too.  That'll be like a two-for-one ticket.  What a deal!  Pressing Info: 100 gray cassette tapes, download code included.
The Staff