Monday, February 8, 2016

Charlie Continental Up For Pre-Order, Sophisticated Boom Boom Coming Soon!

Up for pre-order in our store is the debut cassingle from Charlie Continental called "Time".  It features Quit Wastin' My Time, the theme song to truTV's show Those Who Can't and the B-side Nothin' But Time.  Fans will know Charlie from his work in SPELLS among other things.  The digi-single will drop before the cassingles ship but if you're a collector (like we know you are) reserve one of these today HERE!  Also coming soon is the debut EP by the lovely ladies and lad known as Sophisticated Boom Boom.  "Straight To Your Heart" has 6 infectious songs on cassette and is also a Snappy Little Numbers Customer Appreciation release.  That means it's going to be free!  That's right, we at SLN heart you fans so much we wanted to do something nice to say thanks.  They'll be available from the band, at SPELLS shows, at Wax Trax and Mutiny in Denver and through our store (gotta pay shipping but it's soooo low).  That's what we got going on!
The Staff