Friday, September 4, 2015

SLN-122 Blasts Off!

Did you feel that?  That was the earth shaking as SLN-122 blasts off!  By now you all know that it's the "Set 'Em Free" Split 7" from Dirty Few and Rootbeer And Mermentau.  Two songs from each band and they are all jammers for sure.  This 7" spins at 33RPM and comes in an awesome illustrated sleeve and includes a download code.  You can pick one up from our store right HERE for only $5.  For the digi-fans it's up on our bandcamp site HERE.  As usual these are popping up in your favorite Denver record shops as well as select distros and e-markets.  Grab one now!  Pressing Info: 300 7"s on randomly mixed color vinyl, download code included.
The Staff