Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dirty Few/Rootbeer And Mermentau Split 7" Out Soon!

That's right folks, SLN-122 is coming in hot!  It's a split 7" from Dirty Few and Rootbeer And Mermentau and it's a doozy!  Two tracks from each band and a download to boot.  Come celebrate the release before the two bands leave on the Set 'Em Free tour Friday September 4 at Lost Lake in Denver.  Wanna know more about the bands?  Well Dirty Few goes a little something like this: Warm beers. Out-of-tune guitars. Cancelled shows. Broken mopeds. While lesser bands may have crumbled under the weight of such colossal rock & roll bummers, Dirty Few has not only weathered the storm, but emerged victorious, leading an entire army of Denver dive-bar diehards into a rad utopia where the babes are hot, the PBR flows like wine and a little barf is nothing more than a sure sign you’re having a good night. Rootbeer And Mermentau keep it a little more succinct: Southern Two piece Fuzz Rock.  Enough said.  Preview "YOLOCO" and "Walk" on our sampler to the left right now!
The Staff