Monday, April 13, 2015

Time To Officially Welcome pxlman To The Family!

We've hinted at it, but now it's time to officially welcome the excellent pxlman to the SLN family.  pxlman is an electropoprock outfit out of Denver, CO.  This two piece band lays down a grinding foundation of thick kicks and arpeggiating synths, then layers on distorted organs and horns that lend to a complex take on the electropop genre.  Front man and songwriter Randy M. Washington brings to the band over a decade of writing electronic music, most notably, fronting the German electropop band Total Ghost.  Balancing the scale on the other side is DJ and visual designer Gracie McGuire.  Fueled with years of work on the road as a tour consultant for a handful of bands, she joined with the focus of taking the duo well beyond their home base of Denver.  If the beginning of this band's career is indicative of anything, they are sure to perk ears, turn heads and blaze trails for a long time to come.  Their debut cassingle on SLN is due out April 23rd.  More on that soon!
The Staff