Thursday, April 23, 2015

SLN-119 Has Danced It's Way Here!

The debut Cassingle "Squeeze b/w W.H.I.D.?" from pxlman is out now!  Squeeze is electropop at it’s finest.  Layered, driving and catchy as hell.  W.H.I.D.? is dense and manic.  It ramps up until all hell breaks loose.  This debut release just hints at what this band can do, but in the meantime just play, flip, play and repeat.  The new pxlman Cassingle can be ordered through our store HERE in a variety of colors and they all come with download codes.  The digi-version is on our bandcamp HERE.  You can pick up a copy at our favorite Denver area stores too and they'll be hitting distros and e-markets shortly.  It's a toe-tapper and ass-shaker, so get on it!  Pressing Info: 50 blue cassette tapes, 50 lime green cassette tapes, 50 pink cassette tapes, 50 goldenrod cassette tapes. Download code included.
The Staff