Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Bagged Set For Record Store Day Black Friday 2013!

That's right music brethren, the Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings "Segundo Y Tercer Años" Bagged Set is being assembled and will roll as a Record Store Day Black Friday 2013 Special that will only be available at Wax Trax and Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver on November 29.  We'll keep a few available directly through our mailorder (for the out-of-towners) while supplies last.  The sets are comprised of our next 4 7"ers since the previous set- Friends Of Cesar Romero "Red Headed Strangler b/w Tammys Of Tomorrow", Empty Palace S/T E.P., The Knew "What's Hip (Long Walk) b/w World War Ay Ay Ay (Alright)" and SPELLS "Take Time/Slice Away".  The standard Retail Editions come in full color high quality off-white sleeves on randomly mixed color vinyl with download codes.  They are a Limited Edition of 20, all hand-numbered.  There are also a small handful of Key Stakeholder Editions that will be handed out to our staff, business partners and a few lucky fans.  The collector catch this year is that there will be four different color variations for the covers- green, orange, blue and purple.  We don't even know how many of each yet!  It is being left to fate (aka the printer) as we type.  True rarities for the collector that could one day pay for a midlife crisis.  Record Store Day is a fun way to support small, independent, local businesses.  We think everyday is a great day for that too.  Many thanks to all of our friends, fans and talented artists that made our second and third years so bitchin'!
The Staff