Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hooper LP Officially Out Now!

"How To Become A Ghost", the debut LP from Hooper, is out now.  Like, right now!  Go to our STORE and order yourself a copy.  Heck, get one for a friend too!  The lovely 12" LP's are pressed on 150g Black Vinyl and come with a Download Code.  Digi-fans can hit up our bandcamp to grab the album for a great price.  This LP picks up where Hooper's classic 7" left off: early 90's 'College Rock' guitars with late 90's 'Pop Punk' melodies and a dash of different tempos to keep listeners on their toes.  How can you beat that?  Aside from our store, the records will be hitting Denver shops shortly with distros soon to follow.  All your fave digi-markets will have the album as well.  Don't forget that the band will of course have them at shows too.  Go see 'em live in concert!  We're excited to have our first LP out in the world and we congratulate Hooper on their stunning achievement!  Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on 150g black vinyl
The Staff