Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bandcamp Revamp: All Our Releases, More Titles In The Archives!

We just revamped our bandcamp site to include digital versions of all our releases!  While we are big vinyl fans and think lots of you are too, we wanted to be able to offer our titles for download at very friendly pricing.  Our records will continue to come with download codes, but if you just want the tunes they're just a click away!  While we were at it, we posted more true Denver classics in the Snappy Little Archives/Not Bad Historical Preservation Society.  After many inquiries, "Put 'Er There" from Denver legends Qualm is finally available digitally.  Also included is the self-titled EP by Still Left Standing and "Dead Scene" by The Messyhairs.  Those two were originally released by our old pal Johnny via his Seven Lucky Records imprint.  We also posted the first Mustangs And Madras EP.  See and hear all the recent doings HERE.  In the coming months we're going to keep going and get some Paco Garden Records titles up too.  Thanks-a-plenty folks, talk at y'all later!  
 The Staff