Friday, September 18, 2020

Heaty Beat Stays To Herself!

Greetings friends and fans!  Heaty Beat continues her busy year with the fresh release of her latest digital single, "Stay To Myself".  The tune is an instant toe-tapper and shows Heaty Beat stretching out with more vocal melodies and instrument arrangements, all while keeping things anchored with her signature rapping skills.  "Stay To Myself", is now available for download on our Web Store HERE as well as our bandcamp HERE. It's also up on all your favorite streaming/digital spots.  Heaty Beat once again flexed her film skills and made an official video for "Stay To Myself".  Check out her YouTube page to view it along with a bunch more awesome video content. Don't forget, Heaty Beat also has a forthcoming flexi disc single featuring her remix of Charlie Continental's "We're Getting Fixed (The Grawlix Save The World)".  More info on that HERE.  Thanks for your eyes and your ears folks!
The Staff