Friday, March 27, 2020

ZEPHR Launches Benefit Track For Bowman's Vinyl And Lounge!

ZEPHR has just released an early new single called 'Please Send Help' from their forthcoming new album "Don't Worry About It" as a benefit track to help their buddies at Bowman's Vinyl and Lounge get through these rough times.  You can donate and download from our bandcamp HERE or from ZEPHR's bandcamp HERE.  Thanks so much for helping if you can.  Full info via ZEPHR is below!

The Staff

"Please Send Help"

"Please Send Help" is the first single from the upcoming full length,"Don't Worry About It". It is a donation-based track with proceeds benefiting Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge in Denver, CO (

All proceeds from the purchase of this song will benefit the fine folks at Bowman’s Vinyl and Lounge. Pay what you like, but please know that what you do pay is going to help hard working, good folks who could use our help during these uncertain times.

Hang in there everybody. We’ll get through this. We love you.

Expect more music from us soon,