Friday, December 6, 2019

SLN-162 & SLN-163 Are Both Burners!

Cheap Perfume has two long playing albums out now!  "Burn It Down" is the brand newest of the new, 8 ripping riot grrrl punk anthems that start strong and never let up.  It shows a band in full control of their sound and message.  "Burn It Down" spins at 45rpm, comes on translucent aqua swirl vinyl and includes a download code.  "Nailed It" is a remastered reissue of Cheap Perfume's 12-song 2016 debut album.  The urgency and meaning sound just as fresh as they did 3 years ago, but bigger.  "Nailed It" spins at 33.3rpm, comes on translucent red vinyl and includes a download code.  You can grab both albums in our Web Store.  You can order them each separately, but we suggest you grab both by ordering a Bundle Set so you can increase your rock n' roll return with a thriftier investment.  Bundles Sets will remain in our Web Store until the end of the year, so act fast!  If you prefer digital only, you can grab both albums from our bandcamp!  It's also available on all your other favorite digi-streamers.  Denver record stores are fully stocked and Recess Ops is handling the rest of the USA.  These are our final releases of 2019.  We have lots more in store for 2020.  Thanks for the support as always!SLN-163 Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on translucent aqua swirl vinyl, download code included.  SLN-162 Pressing Info: 300 12" LP's on translucent red vinyl, download code included.
The Staff