Friday, November 1, 2019

SLN-169 Takes It Down A Notch, One More Time!

The last installment of the 2019 Hand Dubbed Buddies Club is out now!  SPELLS continues along their last left turn with "Charlie & The Shithead Take It Down A Notch, Part II" (SLN-169/HDBC-006).  Here's the deal (again) in a nutshell- it's acoustic SPELLS.  No, not SPELLS-Lite or SPELLS-Grows-Up or any nonsense like that.  It's literally Charlie & The Shithead and they're doing what they do in SPELLS but without amplification.  Charlie bangs on an acoustic guitar and harmonizes with The Shithead's tunefully chaotic vocal ramblings.  The release features 3 tracks from SPELLS' full-band catalog, stripped down and reinterpreted with approval from P., Duke and Ella.  Just listen already!  It's good, cross our hearts.  This release comes on Gold Mail Order Edition cassettes with HDBC subscriptions (still available HERE) or can be ordered individually as Gray Open Edition cassettes through our Web Store.  They come with download codes.  It's also up on our bandcamp and all your favorite digi-streaming sites.  The cassettes are only available directly from us or the band.  Sorry, thems club rules!  This year's club closes on 12/9/19, so don't sleep.  Now get out there and tell all your friends!  Please.  Thanks.  Pressing Info: SLN-169/HDBC-006 - Hand Dubbed Buddies Club custom cassettes (Gold Mail Order Editions or Gray Open Editions). Only available directly from SLN or the artist. Download code included.
The Staff