Monday, July 15, 2019

Hand Dubbed Buddies Club Subscriptions!

5+ Cassettes
With Downloads
$19.00 (USA Postage Paid!)

The Hand Dubbed Buddies Club (HDBC) is a series of made to order custom cassettes, hand dubbed and numbered with a personal note from SLN and/or the artists. HDBC annual subscribers will get Gold Mail Order Edition cassettes numbered in orange sent directly to them as they're released, plus cool bonuses throughout the year. Fans can still purchase HDBC releases individually and will get Gray Open Edition cassettes numbered in blue. HDBC cassettes are only available through us or the artists directly! We encourage you to leave SLN and/or the artists personal notes at checkout whether purchasing a subscription or individual releases, cuz we're all gonna be buddies (if we aren't already) and that's all it really takes to be part of the all-inclusive club. But... ultra club member subscribers get all the rad club bonuses and prestige!

Join the club at any point during the year and get all the HDBC releases for that year!

HDBC Releases Scheduled For 2019:

Young Hellions "Singles Still Steady" (9/26)
Charlie Continental "Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos" (9/26)
+ at least one additional surprise release!

For more information and to subscribe, visit our Web Store HERE!

The Staff