Friday, October 5, 2018

SLN-148 Comes Tumbling Down!

It's here!  The primer and future memento of The Anxious Little Friends Fest is out now.  "The Anxious Little Friends Companion" is a compilation that features a track from all 12 of the bands playing the aforementioned festival in Denver, CO on 10/12/18-10/13/18.  Some tracks are brand new, some are old favorites and all of them are HITS!  Pressed on lovely light pink cassette tape, a download is of course included.  Order one now from our web store HERE.  It's also available digitally at our bandcamp HERE.  Either location is a great place to review the bands and track listing, or you can cruise down a few update entries for more details.  Don't forget, a portion of the proceeds is going to Project Worthmore.  That means you're helping people while you blast the tight jams!  The comp is available at cool independent record shops thanks to Recess Ops and it's also on all your favorite digi-spots.  See you at the festival?  See you at the festival!  Pressing Info: 100 light pink cassette tapes, download code included.
The Staff