Thursday, April 12, 2018

SLN-138 Comes Sneaking In!

Surprise!  We have another new release!  Four! "Disco Graffiti" is a cassette compiling 30 tracks from the classic Denver band.  Four! was a staple in the mid-90's Denver punk scene and the band leader, George, has approved all 30 of these tracks to finally be re-released in a very limited quantity.  Each cassette comes with a download code.  This is a split release with George's Red Ear Records and our friends at Ratgirl Records.  While they will have some available through their usual channels, our stash will be mail order only.  You can order one right HERE.  We also have it on our bandcamp HERE.  Red Ear has all the rest of the digital distro sorted out.  Catch up on a little Denver history!  Pressing Info: 50 white cassettes, download code included. Split release with Red Ear Records and Ratgirl Records.
The Staff