Monday, February 6, 2017

SLN-128 Skanks It's Way Over!

Wow!  Remember skanking?  There was a whole lot of that going on during the heyday of Mail Order Children.  The band ran from 1996-1998 and had releases on Not Bad Records and Asian Man Records among others.  "Anthology" collects all those tracks plus some unreleased material onto one stunning cassette.  15 tunes in all!  It also comes with a download, although this time there's a link in the insert as opposed to our classic slips of paper.  Order a copy in our store right HERE.  You can also grab it from our bandcamp page HERE.  Soon it will be in stores and e-markets.  This is a split release with Jerkoff/Ratgirl Records.  We're also pleased to say that it will be available through Recess Ops, our brand new distributor.  More info on that in a bit.  OK folks, enjoy the wayback machine!  Pressing Info: 100 white cassette tapes, download code included.
The Staff