Thursday, October 22, 2015

SLN-123 Pogos It's Way Here!

The "Dudeman b/w Hot Garbage" 7" single from Lawsuit Models is here!  Remember when pop-punk bands wore their hearts on their sleeves and never deluded themselves into thinking they were doing anything other than having a good time with friends?  Lawsuit Models do and they exude that on these two well-crafted gems.  The one problem?  People might notice.  That’s what happens when you have good songs and put in a little effort.  Don’t tell them that though.  They’re pretty occupied not caring what anyone thinks.  Housed in our classic gold sleeve, this record spins at 45RPM and comes with a download code.  The random vinyl colors came out great on this one too!  Pick one up for $4 at our store HERE.  As usual, you can go digital through our bandcamp HERE.  As is the norm, these suckers are in stores in the Denver area and will be popping up in distros and e-markets shortly.  Now get crackin'!  Pressing Info: 300 7”s on random mixed color vinyl, download code included.
The Staff