Friday, December 20, 2013

SLN-111 And SLN-113 Have Touched Down!

The new Glass Hits LP "Better Never Than Late" and the new SPELLS Cassingle "Double Cassingle" are officially out right this second!  Go to our STORE and order yourself a pair.  Digi-fans can hit up our bandcamp to grab both releases for a low price.
For Glass Hits, "Better Never Than Late" is a continued culmination of shared vision and punk-rock pedigree. Adding a new taste to an old process, they manage to further explore the ideas and sounds of the 90's underground scene on which they cut their teeth.  The first 100 LP's are on ultra-cool split clear/black vinyl and come in a silk screened/hand stamped outer sleeve that houses the regular jacket too.  Cause Medic Ink did a badass job on them!  

As for SPELLS, “Double Cassingle” contains four sure-fire hits that are sure to distract you from the worst 10 minutes of your day and probably turn them into the best 10 minutes of your day.  The cassette tapes are available in a trio of colors.  Life's about choices after all! 
Aside from our store, the audio recordings will be hitting Denver shops shortly with distros right behind.  All the finest digi-markets will have the tunes as well.  We're pumped to have our second LP and first Cassette out in the universe. Be sure to see both bands live in concert!  Glass Hits Pressing Info: 100 12" LP's on split clear/black vinyl with silk screened/hand stamped outer sleeves (original jackets inside), 200 12" LP's on black vinyl.  Download code included.  SPELLS Pressing Info: 50 red tapes, 50 green tapes, 100 purple tapes.  Download code included.

The Staff