Thursday, May 9, 2013

SLN-106 Has Landed On Earth!

Some say Judas Priest lost their metal-lovin’ minds when they decided to let synthesizers seep into their sound circa 1985’s Turbo. Empty Palace could not care less. The Los Angeles outfit takes classic metal songcraft, NWOBHM bombast, and the chiseled precision of Reagan (Thatcher?) Era stadium rock—then they ram it down your unsuspecting
throat. But frontman Patrick Houston and drummer Jason Walker (formerly of Denver legends Brainhammer and Angels Never Answer, among sundry other acts of sonic tomfoolery) don’t stop there. Lo and behold, the group’s debut EP blends the mythopoeic majesty of ’80s Blue Öyster Cult—yeah, the new-wave sounding stuff that’s way, way better than you remember—with melody, dynamism, and even hints of balladry. Like the iron fist of an android knight, it pummels with the single-minded purity of deathless life. Call it turbo-injected, if you wish. Produced by Toshi Kasai (ex-Big Business).  This Self-Titled EP comes on 7" vinyl, spins at 33 1/3 RPM and comes housed in a custom sleeve.  Download Code included.  Order through us right now!  Stores and distros will be getting them soon and the band will have a release show next month in LA, CA. 
Pressing Info: 300 on randomly mixed color vinyl
The Staff