Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Stuff On The Horizon!

The logo to the right serves as a little hint about what's coming up later this year.  25 Rifles and Glass Hits will be doing a split 7" EP together and we are quite excited.  25 Rifles issued their first 7" EP through us last year to rave reviews and we are totally psyched to welcome Denver's post-punk powerhouse Glass Hits to our roster of stars.  Check out their track on our widget and sampler.  More info on the split later on.  In other news, we've added the Snappy Little Store for your shopping needs and it includes our Snappy Little Distro to boot.  Browse around and pick up a little something if you feel like it.  Finally, Hooper has been in the studio recording new material.  We're not sure what it will yield, but we're sure it will be rad and we hope to be involved in some sort of stellar release.  Until next time folks!
The Staff