Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers Raising Funds For Hi-Dive And Mutiny Information Cafe!

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers are donating proceeds raised from all of their merchandise/record/digital sales to two of Denver's finest South Broadway establishments, the Hi-Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe.  We support their decision!  Below is a statement from the band on how/why they're doing this and links if you'd like to grab stuff and are able to lend your support.  Thanks!
The Staff

Hey friends. Our hearts go out to all those that are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, whether in hospitals or grocery stores or wherever else people are forced to leave their houses to work right now. We’re also very concerned about all the small businesses that are feeling severe near-term and long-term effects of the shutdown. It’s important that when we get through this, we have independent, locally owned small businesses to return to. Denver has been under siege from developers for years – and the COVID-19 pandemic is very seriously threatening to accelerate the process, likely irreversibly. That’s why we’re indefinitely donating all our merch proceeds to two South Broadway scene stalwarts: Hi-Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe.

There are a ton of small businesses we love and are concerned about. We chose these two because they have not only always been huge supporters of our band, but are so important to so many people in our overall community. Our donations retroactively apply to everyone who already bought merch over the previous weeks. We will continue donating proceeds until businesses reopen.

We've updated our web store to include a ton of newer stuff. We'll include hand-written thank you notes, as we always do, and do our best to fulfill any other specific requests.  Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings, the label that issued "Between The Outfield And Outer Space", will also be earmarking BTOAOS physical/digital revenue generated through their commerce locations to go to Hi-Dive and Mutiny Information Cafe for the duration of our campaign as well.
We understand there are a million charities, causes, businesses and people in need of your support right now. We thank everyone who has made an effort to help someone in need. If you feel moved to support the places we’ve chose to support, we are humbled to help you do so.

Keep your head up. Even in this Brave New World Series, the game is far from over.