Friday, November 22, 2019

SLN-178 Sent From Mars!

The original Armchair Martian "Demo" has officially been reissued by ours truly (is that grammatically correct?!) on cassette/digital today!  It comes on translucent green cassette tape with full digital download of course.  Armchair Martian will be playing the Blasting Room 25th Anniversary show at Washington's in Ft. Collins on Saturday 11/23/19 to celebrate the release as well as the birthday for the longtime Colorado recording facility.  It's great timing as the Armchair Martian demo was one of the earliest recordings done at the Blasting Room.  Order your copy in our Web Store HERE!  It's also available on all the digital/streaming spots, including our bandcamp HERE!  You know it'll also be in all the best record spots thanks to Recess Ops as well.  This cassette is the only physically in-print and broadly available digital Armchair Martian release currently available, so if you've been searching for their tunes, we have you covered with the very batch.  This session still packs a mighty wallop and is a testament to how timeless the songs are.  Pressing Info: 100 translucent green cassette tapes, download code included.
The Staff